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Designing BUILDING as per VASTU  CONCEPTS is not a new custom .  Best results are possible only when you design your entire plot LANDSCAPE as per VASTU and not only the BUILDING. The plot may have major negatives, which needs rectification. These all rectifications are possible with VASTU BASED LANDSCAPE. This deals with all VASTU NORMS such as gradient , direction , density , panchmahabutas etc.
We have designedVASTU BASED LANDSCAPE for number of projects in all streams as a SPECIAL SERVICE. 
VASTU BASED LANDSCAPE has resulted in timely completion of project, peace of mind with the venture to owner and operator, prosperous operations ofthe project and good branding value in the market.
ECO LANDSCAPE is an ecological and economical landscape. The landscape which do minimumalteration to THE SITE for the development is known as ECO LANDSCAPE. 
The LANDSCAPE designing is done with minimal modifications to CONTOURS,VEGETATION, WATER RESOURSES etc.The detailing is done with use of more natural materials than artificial materials. It also helps to enrich and develop ecosystems. Allowing more water to percolation than run off. These all majors result in making the landscape economical also.